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"The dress is exquisite! The most “me” dress of all the black dresses I have: little bit Gatsby, little bit Emily Dickinson. It’s bound to be worn frequently all summer. Thank you for dressing me like Jane Birkin on her way back from a funeral—exactly my style! I love the dress and the obvious care taken with it. I got compliments immediately."

"I feel like a really hot nun."

"The brand is based in Portland, Oregon and is all about well pigmented, natural ideas and interested concepts for their garment shapes, being puff sleeved, longer or more blatantly cropped."

"My experience with Delphine was superlative - she was very responsive, tailored the dress to my measurements, created and shipped it so quickly so I could have it for a trip, and to cap it all off, this is my new favorite dress ever!  It's perfectly sewn, the nicest brick colour, and the fabric drapes really nicely. I've been wearing it in +25 heat and it's perfect, esp. with the low back. The pockets of course are amazing too :)"